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We found this on our whiteboard this morning. IT IS ON, PERENNIAL.

Check out Brittney Griner signing copies of In My Skin, on sale now, at the NBA Store in NYC today!

Brittney has upcoming book signing in Arizona and Texas, details on our Facebook events page.

President Adam Carolla has left the building! (The It Books publicity galley mailing building, that is.) Check your mailboxes, media, because he’s ready to take over.

Before Xbox vs. Playstation, there was Nintendo vs. Sega. Following the success of The Accidental Billionaires and Moneyball comes Console Wars—a mesmerizing, behind-the-scenes business thriller that chronicles how Sega, a small, scrappy gaming company led by an unlikely visionary and a team of rebels, took on the juggernaut Nintendo and revolutionized the video game industry.

Based on over two hundred interviews with former Sega and Nintendo employees, Console Wars is the underdog tale of how Tom Kalinske miraculously turned an industry punchline into a market leader. It’s the story of how a humble family man, with an extraordinary imagination and a gift for turning problems into competitive advantages, inspired a team of underdogs to slay a giant and, as a result, birth a $60 billion dollar industry.

With a foreword by Seth Rogen and Even Goldberg, Console Wars by Blake J. Harris is on sale May 20th. Pre-order your copy now.

You probably already know that JAY Z sampled “Smells Like Teen Spirit” in “Holy Grail,” but here are 9 other artists that also found inspiration in Nirvana’s music. Can’t identify a sample? Check out for specifics.

Read all about Kurt Cobain’s continuing influence on popular culture in Here We Are Now: The Lasting Impact of Kurt Cobain by Charles C. Cross, in bookstores everywhere March 18th.

50 years ago today, The Beatles visited America for the first time. The iconic moment is captured in this photograph by Terry O’Neill, who also contributed some great 60s-era photographs to our book 1963: The Year of the Revolution by Robin Morgan and Ariel Leve.

After the sexual revolution came the sexual explosion

The six years between 1968 and 1973 saw more sexual taboos challenged than ever before. Film, literature, and theater simultaneously broke through barriers previously unimagined, giving birth to what we still consider to be the height of sexual expression in our pop culture: Portnoy’s Complaint, Myra Breckinridge, Hair, The Boys in the Band, Midnight Cowboy, Last Tango in Paris, and Deep Throat.

In Sexplosion, Robert Hofler weaves a lively narrative linking many of the writers, producers, and actors responsible for creating these and other controversial works, placing them within their cultural and social frameworks. During the time the Stonewall Riots were shaking Greenwich Village and Roe v. Wade was making its way to the Supreme Court, a group of daring artists was challenging the status quo and defining the country’s concept of sexual liberation. Hofler follows the creation of and reaction to these groundbreaking works, tracing their connections and influences upon one another and the rest of entertainment.

Always colorful and often unexpected, Sexplosion is an illuminating account of a generation of sexual provocateurs and the power their works continue to hold decades later.

[Photo from Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1969) courtesy of PHOTOFEST.]

We are beyond thrilled to finally show you the cover for My Drunk Kitchen A Guide to Eating, Drinking, and Going with Your Gut by the lovely Hannah Hart, which goes on sale August 12th! Pre-order your copy here.

Bob Saget, author of Dirty Daddy, was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night in a hilarious Full House mini-reunion!